Before placing the order with us, you need to agree with our terms and conditions. These terms are between the customer and Publak food and apply fairly on all customers and visitors of the site. We highly recommend you to read these terms and conditions, if you don’t agree then you won’t be able to avail our website’s services.

Our Delivery Service 

Your parcel will be delivered on the address that is added on the order completion form. Our driver is allowed to carry the parcel to the provided address, for instance, floor 5 apartment 1, but if the place mentioned is far above then you will have to receive the order from the main entrance.

Delivery charges may apply to the destination of order; your place, area and province. We keep the right to cancel or refuse the service of goods in any to or from the location.

Prices & Availability 

Publak food reserves the right to cancel any order due to the limitation, unavailability, conformation or any other issue. We always strive to fulfil your orders and demands but the large quantity orders should be considered before deliver, for instance, if you require 10 buckets of ghee and we have the limitation of ghee in store so we deliver only 5.

Please consider the fact that prices mentioned on the site vary above or below from time to time and you will pay the price that is added on the delivery time. You are totally allowed to return or refund any item if you find it unacceptable regarding the price charged and the guide price shown on the site.


We acknowledge that our goods and services are only for domestic and non-commercial use. If we found any customer getting services for commercial use or intended to give any harm to the reputation, we hold the right to cancel the order and take action against him or her.

Special offers disclaimer

Special offers and discounts that are mentioned on the website are for a limited time and apply to specific products. After the time passed the product will be given on the original price.

Minimum Order and Basket Charge

Minimum basket charge which is determined according to the number of your goods should be paid, but if the products are more or equal than the minimum order we set than no further charges are taken.

Return and Refund

At the time of delivery, you are asked to check your order thoroughly and if you find any product not meeting the promised quality, you are allowed to return the parcel to the delivery guy.

Please note that some products have different return time limits and we do not refund certain products due to health and hygiene reasons such as Fresh, Ultra Fresh and Frozen products etc.

You can either choose refund or exchange product within 6 days.


You are totally allowed to cancel or change any of your current orders when you get the confirmation call from our call centre. Once the order has been confirmed the order will be picked and delivered to you. Furthermore, you can call our Customer Services department. Please note that orders cannot be edited or cancelled through email.


You can pay by cash at the time of delivery including further delivery charges if applied.

Customer Service

Our highly responsive service is 24/7 ready to listen and respond to your queries, but if you need any further details or want to contact the concerned food department you can email us.