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Islamabad is one of the famous capitals all around the world. Every year hundreds of visitors arrived to see this glorious city lies in the middle of Margalla hills. Keeping in view the on-going heights of tourism in Islamabad we make it easy for visitors to explore this magnificent city which carries a lot’s of things to do and see.

ISLAMABAD MARKETS is the name of an online directory and classified website that is specifically created to assist the locals and visitors of Islamabad. The vision behind this business directory is to give the maximum benefit to local businesses and also create a comprehensive online guide that perfectly assists tourists and visitors. provides all kind of information related to education, industries and business sectors. It is all in one place. We cover the wide-area of business directories including educational institutions, Banks, Clinics and hospitals, food and garments, digital marketing solutions, Business centres, event management companies, landmarks and historical places, industries, telecommunication and technology, Government and private organizations and many more.

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