About Publak Food

Publak food is a project of Publak Group of Companies. Followed by a long chain of successful projects, we come up with a new idea to provide fresh and healthy products at your doorstep. It is an e-commerce store that brings you an opportunity to shop your monthly and weekly grocery online. With the advent of technology we give you the simplest option to get frozen, fresh and organic products on a single click. Publak food is an online food store that brings the healthiest solution to all your problems. While focusing on affordability, accessibility and health, we provide genuine and real food products.

Whatever you want, we have it!

Why choose us?

Right diets and chemical-free product are necessary for the wellness of every being. But the counterfeit in the food industry makes it hard to choose the original products at affordable prices. Publak food is the right choice to get pure products such as honey, floor, desi ghee, dry fruits, nuts and many more. We promote healthy living in our community and ensure that people get complete nutrition and flavor by eating pure. At Publak food, we value quality and aim to offer the premium service to our customers.

Organic Products

We make sure that all the products are original organic products right from organic farms. The demand for organic products driven from the customer’s choice for a healthy lifestyle and environment but we strive that organic products reach every city in every home. Publak food provides you with a wide range of grocery products that based on international food standards that cycle resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.

Customer ease and support

We always prioritize customer’s needs and satisfaction. Publak food relives the stress of going out and buying the groceries from the store also the right prices don’t allow you to bargain. We make sure you get the products on time with excellent quality and good price. Publak Food aims to replace the over-processed and chemical-ridden products with all-natural and rich-nutrient products.

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